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To install features using mvn handler:

feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.servicemix.nmr/apache-servicemix-nmr/1.0.0-m2/xml/features
feature:install nmr

To use a file handler to deploy a features file (note the path is relative to the Apache Karaf installation directory):

feature:repo-add file:base/features/features.xml

To deploy bundles from file system without using Maven: As we can use file:// as protocol handler to deploy bundles, you can use the following syntax to deploy bundles when they are located in a directory which is not available using Maven:

<features xmlns="http://karaf.apache.org/xmlns/features/v1.0.0">
   <feature name="spring-web" version="2.5.6.SEC01">

Note the path again is relative to Apache Karaf installation directory.