Converting a Unix timestamp to a readable date - 6.1

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Converting a Unix timestamp to a readable date

A Unix timestamp is a series of numbers non-human readable such as 13959.583,1330578363. This procedure explains how to convert it to a readable date or map it to the target system format.


  1. Create a .txt file example of a unix timestamp with the following data:
  2. Create a Job named ConvertUnixTime, composed of a tFileInputdelimited, a tMap and a tLogRow component linked by two main rows:
  3. Double click tFileInputdelimited to open its Component view and fill the File name/Stream field with path of the .txt file you created for example, "D:/file/in.txt".
  4. Click the ellipsis button (...) to edit the schema of the component and add a new column named unixDate.
    Note: The data entered can be read with double, float or long type.
  5. Double click tMap to configure it, drag and drop the unixDate column of the input table to the output table.
  6. Enter new java.util.Date((long)(row1.unixDate*1000)) into the expression box of the output table column.
  7. Change the Type of the data to Date in the Schema editor and enter the following Date pattern: "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss".Your should have the following schema:
  8. Execute the Job. The following results are output to the console: