How to access Talend Repository Manager for the first time - 7.1

Talend Repository Manager User Guide

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About this task

When you access Talend Repository Manager for the first time, you must set the license key provided by Talend and complete checking steps before being able to log in.

When you access Talend Repository Manager for the first time, the database configuration page is displayed.


  1. In the database configuration page, type in the administrator password, admin by default, and click OK.


    Upon validation of your password, Talend Repository Manager runs a series of checks. If no license or an invalid license is found, you will be prompted to specify a license.
  2. Click the Set new license button.


  3. Click Browse to browse to your license file and click Upload.
    Upon validation of your license, Talend Repository Manager runs a second series of checks and the indicators on the Check list show if everything is OK.


  4. Click Go to login page and in the page that opens, enter the login and password for the Administrator account: / admin.


    The Remember me check box is selected by default so that you can continue logging in to the Repository Manager without having to enter the password again.
  5. Click the Login button.
    Talend Repository Manager opens up on a welcome page.