How to schedule a migration using a CRON-based trigger - 7.1

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About this task

If you need monthly or weekly executions of your rules, then use a CRON-based trigger.

To add a CRON trigger to a rule:


  1. On the Scheduling page, click Add trigger on the toolbar located above the execution scheduling table.
  2. Select Add CronTrigger from the drop-down list.
    The configuration panel opens to the right:
  3. Fill out the configuration panel with the following information:




    Name of the trigger.


    Type of trigger. CronTrigger displays and is read-only as you selected Add CronTrigger from the Add trigger drop-down list.


    Select the rule for which execution is to be triggered..


    Minute you want to execute the migration rule.


    Hour at which you want to execute the migration rule.

    Days of month

    Day of the month when you want to execute the migration rule.


    Month when you want to execute the migration rule.

    Days of week

    Day of the week when you want to execute the migration rule.


    Year you want to execute the migration rule.


    Fields marked with **: Select one or more week day OR one or more dates.

    Fields marked with *: mandatory information

    For multiple selections, press Ctrl + click

    The following fields are read-only triggering information which display automatically, as soon as the trigger is saved (hence fired).

    Time triggered

    Number of times the trigger has already fired.

    Previous fire

    Date and time at which the previous triggering took place.

    Next fire

    Date and time at which the next triggering will take place.

    Warning: If you click on any trigger in the list before finalizing the creation or modification of the current trigger, a dialog box prompts you to save the parameters in the configuration panel before switching to another trigger. Click Cancel to return to the configuration panel and save the parameters.
  4. Click Save to validate the CRON-based trigger configuration.
    Note: If you have problems related to triggering Jobs at a fixed time, consult your Administrator to see if the TimeZone is set correctly on your server. For further information about setting the TimeZone, see the Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide.