Procedure - 7.0


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Data Governance > Third-party systems > File components (Integration) > File management components > tFileCompare
Data Quality and Preparation > Third-party systems > File components (Integration) > File management components > tFileCompare
Design and Development > Third-party systems > File components (Integration) > File management components > tFileCompare
Talend Studio


  1. Drag and drop the following components: tFileUnarchive, tFileCompare, and tFileOutputDelimited.
  2. Link the tFileUnarchive to the tFileCompare with Iterate connection.
  3. Connect the tFileCompare to the output component, using a Main row link.
  4. In the tFileUnarchive component Basic settings, fill in the path to the archive to unzip.
  5. In the Extraction Directory field, fill in the destination folder for the unarchived file.
  6. In the tFileCompare Basic settings, set the File to compare. Press Ctrl+Space bar to display the list of global variables. Select $_globals{tFileUnarchive_1}{CURRENT_FILEPATH} or "((String)globalMap.get("tFileUnarchive_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH"))" according to the language you work with, to fetch the file path from the tFileUnarchive component.
  7. And set the Reference file to base the comparison on it.
  8. In the messages fields, set the messages you want to see if the files differ or if the files are identical, for example: "[job " + JobName + "] Files differ".
  9. Select the Print to Console check box, for the message defined to display at the end of the execution.
  10. The schema is read-only and contains standard information data. Click Edit schema to have a look to it.
  11. Then set the output component as usual with semi-colon as data separators.
  12. Save your Job and press F6 to run it.
    The message set is displayed to the console and the output shows the schema information data.