Scenario: Exchanging customer data with HBase


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This scenario applies only to a Talend solution with Big Data.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

In this scenario, a six-component Job is used to exchange customer data with a given HBase.

The six components are:
  • tHBaseConnection: creates a connection to your HBase database.

  • tFixedFlowInput: creates the data to be written into your HBase. In the real use case, this component could be replaced by the other input components like tFileInputDelimited.

  • tHBaseOutput: writes the data it receives from the preceding component into your HBase.

  • tHBaseInput: extracts the columns of interest from your HBase.

  • tLogRow: presents the execution result.

  • tHBaseClose: closes the transaction.

To replicate this scenario, proceed as the following sections illustrate.


Before starting the replication, your Hbase and Zookeeper service should have been correctly installed and well configured. This scenario explains only how to use Talend solution to make data transaction with a given HBase.