Creating a set of parser rules - 7.1

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Before you begin

You have selected the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Libraries > Rules.
  2. Right-click the Parser folder and from the contextual menu, select New Parser Rule.

    A new wizard is displayed.

  3. Enter a name, and if required, set the purpose and the description of the set of parser rules you are creating.
  4. If required, complete the other fields on this wizard. In this example, we leave them by default.
  5. Click Finish.
    The Parser Rule Settings editor is opened on the Talend Studio workspace.
  6. Click the [+] button to add a line to the Parser Rules table.
  7. Enter the rule name and the rule value in their corresponding fields, and then select the appropriate rule type from the Type field.
    In this example, the rule name is StreetType, the rule type is Shape and the rule value is <INT><WORD+><StreetType>.
    The rule set is displayed under the Libraries > Rules > Parser node of the DQ Repository tree view.
  8. If needed, click the [+] button and add more rules in the table.
    For further information about the different rule types as well as some use cases with tStandardizeRow, see the Talend Components Reference Guide.