Creating queries using the SQLBuilder - 7.1

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SQLBuilder helps you create your SQL queries and monitor the changes between DB tables and metadata tables. This editor is available in all DBInput and DBSQLRow components (specific or generic).

You can create a query using the SQLbuilder whether your database table schema is stored in the Repository tree view or built-in directly in the Job.

Fill in the DB connection details and select the appropriate repository entry if you defined it.

Remove the default query statement in the Query field of the Basic settings view of the Component panel. Then click the [...] button to open the SQL Builder editor.

The SQL Builder editor is made of the following panels:

  • Current Schema,

  • Database structure,

  • Query editor made of editor and designer tabs,

  • Query execution view,

  • Schema view.

The Database structure shows the tables for which a schema was defined either in the repository database entry or in your built-in connection.

The schema view, in the bottom right corner of the editor, shows the column description.