Updating a local branch (Git only) - 7.1

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About this task

When working on a local branch of a Git managed project, you can update your branch with information from another branch using the Git Pull and Merge tool provided by your Talend Studio.

To pull and merge information to your local branch, do the following:


  1. Save your changes so that they are automatically committed to your local repository.
  2. Click the top bar of the Repository tree view and select Pull And Merge Branch from the drop-down menu.
  3. If any editor window is open, you will see a warning message. Click OK to close the editor and proceed with the pull action.
  4. In the Select a branch to merge or update dialog box, select the source branch to pull from, which can be a remote or local branch, and then click OK to complete the pull and merge operation.


Your local branch is now up to date. Depending on the source branch you selected, a dialog box opens to show the pull or merge result:

  • If the source branch is the default branch, which is the remote counterpart of the local branch, the dialog box shows the pull result.

  • If the source branch is another one, the dialog box shows the merge result.