Updating impacted Jobs automatically - 7.1

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About this task

After you update the parameters of any item already centralized in the Repository tree view and used in different Jobs, a message will prompt you to propagate the modifications you did to all Jobs that use these parameters.

To update impacted Jobs, complete the following:


  1. In the Modification dialog box, click Yes to let the system scan your Repository tree view for the Jobs that get impacted by the changes you just made.
    This aims to automatically propagate the update throughout all your Jobs (open or not) in one click.
    The Update Detection dialog box displays to list all Jobs impacted by the parameters that are modified.
  2. Select the check boxes corresponding to the Jobs you want to update and clear those corresponding to the Jobs you do not want to update.
    You can update them any time later through the Detect Dependencies menu or the icon on the toolbar. For more information, see Updating impacted Jobs manually.
  3. Click OK to close the dialog box and update all selected Jobs.