Defining the Input schema and the Linker Target schema - 7.1

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About this task

In this step it is necessary to define the Input Schema and Linker Target schema, according to your needs.

The XML tree in the Linker Target area is automatically retrieved.


  1. In the Linker source area, click Input Schema to open the schema editor to define the input schema:
  2. Click the button to add as many columns as required, and define the schema as required. When done, click OK to close the editor.
  3. In the Linker Target area, right-click the node to run a loop on, reason in this example, and select Set As Loop Element from the contextual menu.
  4. Drop the columns from the Linker Source area onto the Related Column field in the Linker target schema.

    You can select and drop several fields at a time, using the Ctrl + Shift technique to make multiple selections, therefore making mapping faster. You can also make multiple selections for right-click operations.

  5. Click Output Schema and add a new column called XML, in the output schema editor:
  6. From the XML Field list in the Output-Management area, select XML, and click Next to view the finalized input and output schemas.