Adding an output component by dragging from an input one - 7.1

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About this task

Now you will add the third component, a tFileOutputDelimited, to write the data read from the source file into another text file. We will add the component by dragging from the tLogRow component, which serves as an input component to the new one to be added.


  1. Click the tLogRow component to show the o icon docked to it.
  2. Drag and drop the o icon where you want to add a new component.
    A text field and a component list appear. The component list shows all the components that can be connected with the input component.
  3. To narrow the search, type in the text field the name of the component you want to add or part of it, or a phrase describing the component's functionality if you don't know its name, and then double-click the component of interest, tFileOutputDelimited in this example, on the component list to add it onto the design workspace. The new component is automatically connected with the input component tLogRow, using a RowMain connection.

    To use a descriptive phrase as keywords for a fuzzy search, make sure the Also search from Help when performing a component searching check box is selected on the Preferences > Palette Settings view. For more information, see Palette preferences (Talend> Palette Settings).