Configuring a connection to a MySQL database - 7.1

Talend Real-time Big Data Platform Studio User Guide

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  1. Drop the following components from the Palette onto the design workspace: tMysqlConnection, tSQLTemplateAggregate, tSQLTemplateCommit, tMysqlInput, and tLogRow.
  2. Link tMysqlConnection to tSQLTemplateAggregate using a Trigger > On Subjob Ok connection.
  3. Do the same to link tSQLTemplateAggregate to tSQLTemplateCommit and link tSQLTemplateCommit to tMysqlInput.
  4. Link tMysqlInput to tLogRow using a Row > Main connection.
  5. Double-click tMysqlConnection to open its Basic settings view.
  6. In the Basic settings view, set the database connection details manually.
  7. Double-click tSQLTemplateCommit to open its Basic settings view.
  8. On the Database Type list, select the relevant database type, and from the Component List, select the relevant database connection component if more than one connection is used.