The graphic view of the test result - 7.1

Talend Real-time Big Data Platform Studio User Guide

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Note: In the diagram presented in this figure, the basic node represents the rule type of the pre-defined elements. The word and the integer node are among the pre-defined ANTLR elements. For further information, see the tStandardizeRow component in the Talend Components Reference Guide.

This area presents a diagram of the data-element relations. For example, the sku element corresponds to 34-9923 and the integer element corresponds to 6125.

The diagram is generated once a test is done. You can read the map between each unit of the sample data and the corresponding element from this diagram.

When an element does not have the corresponding unit in the sample data, the related error is listed in the Problems view of this area.

Note: The test uses all of the available elements from the element list area to match the units in the data sample. However, the name of the Combination rule and the name of the upper-case Format rule do not display in this diagram.