Adding the first Route component from the Palette - 7.1

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About this task

The first component of this example will be added from the Palette, the cTimer to trigger the message exchange.

To drop a component from the Palette, proceed as follows:


  1. Enter the search keyword(s) in the search field of the Palette and press Enter to validate your search.
    The keyword(s) can be the partial or full name of the component, or a phrase describing its functionality if you don't know its name, for example, timer, or generate message exchange. The Palette filters to the only families where the component can be found. If you cannot find the Palette view in the Studio, see Changing the Palette layout and settings.

    To use a descriptive phrase as keywords for a fuzzy search, make sure the Also search from Help when performing a component searching check box is selected on the Preferences > Palette Settings view. For more information, see Palette preferences (Talend> Palette Settings).

  2. Select the component you want to use and click on the design workspace where you want to drop the component.


Note that you can also drop a note to your Route the same way you drop components.