Defining project references in Talend Studio - 7.1

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The procedure below describes how to define a project reference in Talend Studio. You can also create and manage project references in Talend CommandLine using the addReference and deleteReference commands. For more information on these commands, check the help <commandName> command.

Before you begin

Check that you are working on a remote project.


  1. Right-click the Referenced project node in the Repository tree view and select Reference Projects Setting from the contextual menu to open the Reference Projects Setting view.
    Alternatively, you can click on the Studio tool bar, or select File > Edit Project Properties from the menu bar, and then select Reference Projects on the left panel of the dialog box to open the Reference Projects Setting view on the right.


  2. In the Add new reference area, click the button to retrieve the projects you can set as referenced projects.
  3. From the Project list, select the project you want to add as a referenced project.
  4. From the Branch list, select a branch on which the project is established.
  5. Click the button to add the selected project to the Current references area.
    In the Current references area, you can delete a referenced project by selecting it and clicking the button.
  6. Click OK to validate the project reference settings and close the dialog box.
    The Studio will log in to the main or referencing project again to apply the project reference settings.


The defined referenced project is displayed in the Repository tree view.