Accessing the rule test view - 7.1

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Before you begin

You have opened the rule set you want to test in the Parser Rule Settings editor.


Click the rule test button under the Parser Rules table in the Parser Rule view.
The test view Combined.g is displayed with the set of parser rules entered automatically.
Note: If any of the parser rules to be tested does not comply with the ANTLR parser grammar, an error message is displayed and the test view does not display.

The figure below is one example of the test view:

Note: The test process is dedicated to testing the rules of type Enumeration, Format or Combination using ANTLR grammar. For further information about the rule types and about how to understand the rules used in this example, see Talend Components Reference Guide.


The Interpreter tab and the Grammar tab are available at the bottom of this test view providing the access to their corresponding views. The Grammar view is read-only and allows you to check the ANTLR grammar that your parser rules are using. You need to use the Interpreter view to perform any testing operation.