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Camel supports pluggable sorting strategies. This strategy it to use the built in java.util.Comparator in Java. You can then configure the endpoint with such a comparator and have Camel sort the files before being processed.

In the sample we have built our own comparator that sorts by file name:

public class MyFileSorter implements Comparator<GenericFile> {
    public int compare(GenericFile o1, GenericFile o2) {
        return o1.getFileName().compareToIgnoreCase(o2.getFileName());

Then we can configure our route using the sorter option to reference to our sorter ( mySorter ) we have defined in the Spring XML file:

<!-- Define our sorter as a plain Spring bean -->
   <bean id="mySorter" class="com.mycompany.MyFileSorter"/>

   <from uri="file://inbox?sorter=#mySorter"/>
   <to uri="bean:processInbox"/>


URI options can reference beans using the # syntax. In the Spring DSL route, notice that we can refer to beans in the Registry by prefixing the id with #. So writing sorter=#mySorter, will instruct Camel to go look in the Registry for a bean with the ID, mySorter.