Redelivery default values - 6.3

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Redelivery is disabled by default. The default redelivery policy uses the following values:

  • maximumRedeliveries=0

  • redeliverDelay=1000L (1 second)

    • use initialRedeliveryDelay for previous versions

  • maximumRedeliveryDelay = 60 * 1000L (60 seconds)

  • And the exponential backoff and collision avoidance is turned off.

  • The retriesExhaustedLogLevel are set to LoggingLevel.ERROR

  • The retryAttemptedLogLevel are set to LoggingLevel.DEBUG

  • Stack traces is logged for exhausted messages.

  • Handled exceptions is not logged

The maximum redeliver delay ensures that a delay is never longer than the value, default 1 minute. This can happen if you turn on the exponential backoff.

The maximum redeliveries is the number of re delivery attempts. By default Camel will try to process the exchange 1 + 5 times. 1 time for the normal attempt and then 5 attempts as redeliveries. Setting the maximumRedeliveries to a negative value such as -1 will then always redelivery (unlimited). Setting the maximumRedeliveries to 0 will disable any re delivery attempt.

Camel will log delivery failures at the DEBUG logging level by default. You can change this by specifying retriesExhaustedLogLevel and/or retryAttemptedLogLevel.

You can turn logging of stack traces on/off. If turned off Camel will still log the redelivery attempt; but it's much less verbose.