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The path from the uri specifies the node in the ZooKeeper server (aka znode) that will be the target of the endpoint.

Option can be:

Table 21. 


Default Value


sessionIdnullThe session id used to identify a connection to the cluster
passwordnullThe password to use when making a connection
listChildrenfalseWhether the children of the node should be listed
repeatfalseShould changes to the znode be 'watched' and repeatedly processed.
backoff5000The time interval to backoff for after an error before retrying.
timeout5000The time interval to wait on connection before timing out.
createfalseShould the endpoint create the node if it does not currently exist.
createModeEPHEMERALThe create mode that should be used for the newly created node (see below).
sendEmptyMessage-OnDeletetrueUpon the delete of a znode, should an empty message be sent to the consumer.