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See also section writing done files below.

If you want only to consume files when a done file exists, then you can use the doneFileName option on the endpoint.


This will only consume files from the bar folder, if a file name done exists in the same directory as the target files. For versions prior to 2.9.3, Camel will automatically delete the done file when it is finished consuming the files.

However it's more common to have one done file per target file. This means there is a 1:1 correlation. To do this you must use dynamic placeholders in the doneFileName option. Currently Camel supports the following two dynamic tokens: file:name and file:name.noext which must be enclosed in ${ }. The consumer only supports the static part of the done file name as either prefix or suffix (not both).


In this example only files will be polled if there exists a done file with the name file name .done. For example

  • hello.txt is the file to be consumed

  • hello.txt.done is the associated done file

You can also use a prefix for the done file, such as:

  • hello.txt is the file to be consumed

  • ready-hello.txt is the associated done file