Redelivery header - 6.3

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When a message is redelivered the DeadLetterChannel will append a customizable header to the message to indicate how many times it has been redelivered. The header CamelRedeliveryMaxCounter, which is also defined on the Exchange.REDELIVERY_MAX_COUNTER, contains the maximum redelivery setting. This header is absent if you use retryWhile or have unlimited maximum redelivery configured.

And a boolean flag whether it is being redelivered or not (first attempt). The header CamelRedelivered contains a boolean if the message is redelivered or not, which is also defined on the Exchange.REDELIVERED.

There's an additional header, CamelRedeliveryDelay, to show any dynamically calculated delay from the exchange. This is also defined on the Exchange.REDELIVERY_DELAY. If this header is absent, normal redelivery rules will apply.