Limiting the number of messages to keep - 6.3

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The Mock endpoints will by default keep a copy of every Exchange that it received. So if you test with a lot of messages, then it will consume memory. There are two options retainFirst and retainLast that can be used to specify to only keep N'th of the first and/or last Exchanges. For example in the code below, we only want to retain a copy of the first 5 and last 5 Exchanges the mock receives.

MockEndpoint mock = getMockEndpoint("mock:data");

Using this has some limitations. The getExchanges() and getReceivedExchanges() methods on the MockEndpoint will return only the retained copies of the Exchanges. So in the example above, the list will contain 10 Exchanges; the first five, and the last five. The retainFirst and retainLast options also have limitations on which expectation methods you can use. For example the expectedXXX methods that work on message bodies, headers, etc. will operate only on the retained messages. In the example above they can test only the expectations on the 10 retained messages.