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The AggregationStrategy is used for aggregating the old (lookup by its correlation id) and the new exchanges together into a single exchange. Possible implementations include performing some kind of combining or delta processing, such as adding line items together into an invoice or just using the newest exchange and removing old exchanges such as for state tracking or market data prices; where old values are of little use.

Notice the aggregation strategy is a mandatory option and must be provided to the aggregator.

If your aggregation strategy implements TimeoutAwareAggregationStrategy, then Camel will invoke the timeout method when the timeout occurs. Notice that the values for index and total parameters will be -1, and the timeout parameter will be provided only if configured as a fixed value. You must not throw any exceptions from the timeout method.

If your aggregation strategy implements CompletionAwareAggregationStrategy, then Camel will invoke the onComplete method when the aggregated Exchange is completed. This allows you to do any last minute custom logic such as to cleanup some resources, or additional work on the exchange as its now completed. You must not throw any exceptions from the onCompletion method.