Content enrichment using the enrich DSL element - 6.3

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Camel comes with two flavors of content enricher in the DSL

  • enrich

  • pollEnrich

enrich uses a Producer to obtain the additional data. It is usually used for Request Reply messaging, for instance to invoke an external web service. pollEnrich on the other hand uses a Polling Consumer to obtain the additional data. It is usually used for Event Message messaging, for instance to read a file.


pollEnrich does not access any data from the current Exchange which means when polling it cannot use any of the existing headers you may have set on the Exchange. For example you cannot set a filename in the Exchange.FILE_NAME header and use pollEnrich to consume only that file. For that you must set the filename in the endpoint URI.

Instead of using enrich you can use Recipient List and have dynamic endpoints and define an AggregationStrategy on the Recipient List which then would work as a enrich would do.