Java DSL bean syntax - 6.3

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Java DSL comes with syntactic sugar for the [Bean] component. Instead of specifying the bean explicitly as the endpoint (i.e. to("bean:beanName")) you can use the following syntax:

// Send message to the bean endpoint
// and invoke method resolved using Bean Binding.

// Send message to the bean endpoint
// and invoke given method.
from("direct:start").beanRef("beanName", "methodName");

Instead of passing name of the reference to the bean (so that Camel will lookup for it in the registry), you can specify the bean itself:

// Send message to the given bean instance.
from("direct:start").bean(new ExampleBean());

// Explicit selection of bean method to be invoked.
from("direct:start").bean(new ExampleBean(), "methodName");

// Camel will create the instance of bean and cache it for you.