Using Avro RPC in Camel - 6.3

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As mentioned above Avro also provides RPC support over multiple transports such as http and netty. Camel provides consumers and producers for these two transports.


The supported transport values are currently http or netty.

Since 2.12 you can specify message name right in the URI:


For consumers this allows you to have multiple routes attached to the same socket. Dispatching to correct route will be done by the avro component automatically. Route with no messageName specified (if any) will be used as default.

When using camel producers for avro ipc, the "in" message body needs to contain the parameters of the operation specified in the avro protocol. The response will be added in the body of the "out" message.

In a similar manner when using camel avro consumers for avro ipc, the requests parameters will be placed inside the "in" message body of the created exchange and once the exchange is processed the body of the "out" message will be send as a response.

By default consumer parameters are wrapped into array. If you've got only one parameter, since 2.12 you can use singleParameter URI option to receive it direcly in the "in" message body without array wrapping.