Consuming a single file using a fixed name - 6.3

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When you want to download a single file and knows the file name, you can use fileName=myFileName.txt to tell Camel the name of the file to download. By default the consumer will still do a FTP LIST command to do a directory listing and then filter these files based on the fileName option. Though in this use-case it may be desirable to turn off the directory listing by setting useList=false. For example the user account used to login to the FTP server may not have permission to do a FTP LIST command. So you can turn off this with useList=false, and then provide the fixed name of the file to download with fileName=myFileName.txt, then the FTP consumer can still download the file. If the file for some reason does not exist, then Camel will by default throw an exception, you can turn this off and ignore this by setting ignoreFileNotFoundOrPermissionError=true.

For example to have a Camel route that pickup a single file, and delete it after use you can do


Notice that we have use all the options we talked above above.

You can also use this with ConsumerTemplate. For example to download a single file (if it exists) and grab the file content as a String type:

String data = template.retrieveBodyNoWait("ftp://admin@localhost:21/nolist/?
true&fileName=report.txt&delete=true", String.class);