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where directoryName represents the underlying file directory.

You can append query options to the URI in the following format, ?option=value&option=value&...


Camel supports only endpoints configured with a starting directory. So the directoryName must be a directory. If you want to consume a single file only, you can use the fileName option, e.g. by setting fileName=thefilename. Also, the starting directory must not contain dynamic expressions with ${ } placeholders. Again use the fileName option to specify the dynamic part of the filename.


You need to avoid reading files currently being written by another application. Beware the JDK File IO API is somewhat limited in detecting whether another application is currently writing or copying a file. The implementation semantics can also vary, depending on the OS platform. This could lead to the situation where Camel thinks the file is not locked by another process and starts consuming it. You may need to check how this is implemented for your specific environment.

If needed, to assist you with this issue, Camel provides different readLock options and a doneFileName option that you can use. See also the section Consuming files from folders where others drop files directly.