Sending/Receiving Messages to/from the cache - 6.3

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Message Headers




The Lucene Query to performed on the index. The query may include wildcards and phrases

Lucene Producers

This component supports two producer endpoints.

  • insert: the insert producer builds a searchable index by analyzing the body in incoming exchanges and associating it with a token ("content").

  • query: the query producer performs searches on a pre-created index. The query uses the searchable index to perform score & relevance based searches. Queries are sent via the incoming exchange contains a header property name called 'QUERY'. The value of the header property 'QUERY' is a Lucene Query. For more details on how to create Lucene Queries check out

Lucene Processor

There is a processor called LuceneQueryProcessor available to perform queries against lucene without the need to create a producer.