Messaging Endpoints - 6.3

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Messaging Mapper

How do you move data between domain objects and the messaging infrastructure while keeping the two independent of each other?

Event Driven Consumer

How can an application automatically consume messages as they become available?

Polling Consumer

How can an application consume a message when the application is ready?

Competing Consumers

How can a messaging client process multiple messages concurrently?

Message Dispatcher

How can multiple consumers on a single channel coordinate their message processing?

Selective Consumer

How can a message consumer select which messages it wishes to receive?

Durable Subscriber

How can a subscriber avoid missing messages while it's not listening for them?

Idempotent Consumer

How can a message receiver deal with duplicate messages?

Transactional Client

How can a client control its transactions with the messaging system?

Messaging Gateway

How do you encapsulate access to the messaging system from the rest of the application?

Service Activator

How can an application design a service to be invoked both via various messaging technologies and via non-messaging techniques?