Headers take precedence over pre-configured recipients - 6.3

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The recipients specified in the message headers always take precedence over recipients pre-configured in the endpoint URI. The idea is that if you provide any recipients in the message headers, that is what you get. The recipients pre-configured in the endpoint URI are treated as a fallback.

In the sample code below, the email message is sent to jenshansen@gmail.com, because it takes precedence over the pre-configured recipient, info@mycompany.com. Any CC and BCC settings in the endpoint URI are also ignored and those recipients will not receive any mail. The choice between headers and pre-configured settings is all or nothing: the mail component either takes the recipients exclusively from the headers or exclusively from the pre-configured settings. It is not possible to mix and match headers and pre-configured settings.

Map<String, Object> headers = new HashMap<String, Object>();
   headers.put("to", "jenshansen@gmail.com");

   "Hello World", headers);