Installing the Talend Data Stewardship Console using the .jar file - 6.5

Installing the standalone Talend Data Stewardship Console

Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin

  • You must have installed a JVM.
  • If you choose not to install Tomcat when installing Talend Data Stewardship Console, a Tomcat application server should be installed.
  • If you choose a MySQL database connection, you must create the database dedicated to the stewardship console before or after the installation.


  1. Double-click the .jar file provided by Talend, and in the pop-up dialog box, select an installation language from the list and click OK.
  2. Click Next on the welcome page.
  3. Read the license agreement, select the accept option and click Next.
  4. Read the displayed information and click Next.
  5. Select the check boxes of the packs you want to install and then click Next.
    • The check box of the required pack DSC is unavailable and selected by default.
    • If you have a Tomcat application server already installed on your machine and you do not want to re-install it, clear the Tomcat check box.
  6. Browse to where you want to install Tomcat and the stewardship console and then click Next.

    A message is displayed to inform you that the target directory will be created.

    Note: If you cleared the Tomcat check box in previous step, you need to specify the directory where Tomcat had been installed and then click Next. In this case, the stewardship console will be installed under the Tomcat installation directory.
  7. Specify the parameters for the stewardship console database that will be used to store the data values held in the task that will be listed in the console. By default, it is the H2 database.

    The specified password here will be encrypted in the configuration file <TomcatPath>\webapps\org.talend.datastewardship\META-INF\context.xml once the Talend Data Stewardship Console is installed. For more information, see Managing the password in the context.xml file.

    If you select the Advanced connection check box and click Next, you will have a page where you can modify the connection information in any of the connection fields on the page.