Managing the password in the context.xml file - 6.5

Installing the standalone Talend Data Stewardship Console

Installation and Upgrade

When you install Talend Data Stewardship Console as a standalone application, the configuration file <DSC_WAR_FOLDER>\META-INF\context.xml specifies the database parameters used by Talend Data Stewardship Console.

For the sake of security, the password is encrypted in the configuration file context.xml, so that the actual password string is not shown in plain text.

About this task

The following example shows how to change the default password in the file context.xml with a plain text password:


  1. Open the file context.xml under the <DSC_WAR_FOLDER>\META-INF directory.
  2. Locate the default password to access the Talend Data Stewardship Console database.
    <Environment name="tdsc.database.password" override="false" type="java.lang.String" 
  3. Remove the existing encrypted password specified by the value parameter, including ,Encrypt, and then enter a new plain text password.
  4. Save your changes and close the file. Upon the next startup of the application server, the new password will be encrypted and the file will be updated with this encrypted password.