Configuring the Talend Data Stewardship Console database - 6.5

Installing the standalone Talend Data Stewardship Console

Installation and Upgrade
When you install Talend Data Stewardship Console as a standalone application using the .jar file provided by Talend, H2 is the default embedded database. However, you have the possibility to make the console work with other databases (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, HSQL).


  1. Open the context.xml file which can be found in the <TomcatPath>\webapps\org.talend.datastewardship\META-INF folder, where <TomcatPath> is the Tomcat installation directory.
  2. Open the context-template.xml file to find examples of some edits to make to adapt the stewardship console to other databases, and copy the template corresponding to your database.
  3. Paste this template into context.xml and change the properties (database URL, username and password) to suit your database.