Failed to build a Job - routine not compiling - 6.1

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Failed to build a Job - routine not compiling

The following article addresses the Failed to build a Job issue, when it is related to routines failing to compile. >There are several possible causes for a Job to fail building. The first and main issue is usually related to the JDK installation addressed in the article: Failed to build job .

This article is relevant for all Talend products for v6.0 or higher.


When Maven builds a Job, it takes all dependencies listed in the pom file. This includes all the routines of a project, whether system or custom, and whether those routines are used or not in the Job you want to build. The symptoms are simply that the Job fails to build, without any further error whether in the Studio or through the Talend CommandLine (TAC) or on a distant Jobserver.


There is no simple fix for this issue as there is no way for now to hide the unused routines or non-compiling routines from Maven and prevent them to block the Job building. The only workaround is thus to:

  • Either remove the routine(s) which do not compile
  • Or fix the compilation issue for each routine.

To identify the routine(s) which fail to compile you need to develop the Routine node and open one by one, each of the routines to check which routine doesn't compile properly and fix it or remove it. Alternatively click on Window –> Show view –> General , then open the Navigator view, expand .Java and find the routine which fails to compile.

For subscription customers only (v6.0.1):

If, after having removed or fixed ll routines, the Job keeps failing to build, when run through the cmdline, perform the following procedure:

  1. Stop the studio/commandline
  2. Delete the .java project in /opt/app/talend/Talend-6.0.1/cmdline/studio/commandline-workspace/.Java
  3. Restart your Talend CommandLine
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