Setting advanced execution settings - 7.0

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In the Advanced settings tab of the Run view, several advanced execution settings are available to make the execution of the Jobs or Route handier:

  • Statistics, this feature displays processing performance rate. For more information, see Displaying Statistics.

  • Exec time, this feature displays the execution time in the console at the end of the execution. For more information, see Displaying the execution time and other options.

  • Save Job before execution, this feature allows to automatically save the Job or Route before its execution.

  • Clear before run, this feature clears all the results of a previous execution before re-executing the Job or Route.

  • log4jLevel, this feature allows you to change the output level at runtime for log4j loggers activated in components in the Job or Route. For more information, see Customizing log4j output level at runtime.

  • JVM Setting, this feature allows you to define the parameters of your JVM according to your needs. For an example of how this can be used, see Displaying special characters in the console.