Creating the test case - 7.0

Talend ESB Studio User Guide

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  1. Select the cConvertBodyTo and cSetbody component in the Route. Right-click any of the selected components and select Create Test Case from the contextual menu.
  2. The [Create Route Test Case] wizard opens. Enter a name for the test case in the Name field, and the purpose and description in the corresponding fields. Click Next.
  3. The [Define Test Skeleton details] view of the wizard opens, select the options as shown below to use a cDataset as the message producer, and a cMock to check the result. Click Finish.
  4. The test case is then created and opened in the design workspace. Now it looks like:
  5. Add a cMock, cConfig and a cProcessor to the Route by typing the name of the component directly in the design workspace.