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Talend Cloud Data Stewardship Getting Started Guide

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Talend Data Stewardship
Once you receive your login information from the administrator, you can get started and deduplicate customer records to survive only the appropriate data.


  1. Access the Talend Cloud environment at the URL corresponding to your AWS or Azure region:
  2. Enter your login and password, then click Log in to open the Talend Cloud homepage.
    Tip: If you work with several domains, you can use your Login Name instead of your email address to connect directly to the domain of your choice. You can find it in your Profile preferences. The Login Name is a combination of the username and the domain name. For example: johndoe@mydomain.talend.com.

    Each app has its own quick start guide and direct links to the documentation that you can access by clicking Learn more, as well as short video tutorials.

    Note: Some apps may not be available to you depending on your license or deployment.
  3. To access Talend Cloud Data Stewardship, either:
    • Click Select an App in the top banner and select Data Stewardship from the list of available appications.

    • Browse to Talend Cloud Data Stewardship and click Launch to open the app.
    The options available in the homepage depends on your role and if your license includes Data Quality.
  4. Optionally, follow the guided tour and import sample content which helps you get started quickly with some predefined campaigns and data models.
    The guided tour provides guidance about the key elements and functions in the app and helps you accomplish some tasks. You can access these tips any time and from any page by clicking the user name on the top bar and selecting Guided tour.