How to launch the Studio for the first time - 6.1

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality Getting Started Guide

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality
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Talend Studio

To open Talend Studio for the first time, complete the following:

  1. Uncompress the Talend Studio zip file and, in the folder, double-click the executable file corresponding to your operating system.


    The Studio zip archive contains binaries for several platforms including Mac OS X and Linux/Unix.

  2. In the [User License Agreement] dialog box that opens, read and accept the terms of the end user license agreement to proceed.

  3. Depending on you are using, you will see either of the following:

    • A Quick Tour to Talend Studio. Click Next to go the next slide of the presentation, or click Close to end the presentation and display the main window of your Talend Studio.

      This presentation automatically starts at the Studio initial launch. To open it manually later, go to Help > Studio Quick Tour from the Studio menu bar.

    • The [Welcome] window, which provides direct links to Demo projects, user documentation, tutorials, Talend Community, Talend on-demand training and Talend latest news. Click Start now! to open Talend Studio main window.

    When the [Additional Talend Packages] wizard opens, install additional packages such as language packs if needed. For more information, see the section about installing additional packages in the Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  4. You can skip this installation step and close the wizard by clicking Cancel.

    This wizard appears each time you launch the studio if any additional package is available for installation unless you select the Do not show this again check box. You can also display this wizard by selecting Help > Install Additional Packages from the menu bar.