Configuring your Talend Data Quality Portal - 6.4

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The following sections are designed to help you customize Talend Data Quality Portal for your specific environment and make the best use of it.

Setting up HSQL as a Windows service for the portal

  1. Follow the procedures about JobServer using JSL to install a Windows Service as outlined in Installing JobServer as a service.

  2. Open the jsl_static64.ini file to edit it.


    The jsl_static64.ini file may not exists in the JSL directory. In that case, copy the jsl.ini file and rename it as follows: jsl_static64.ini.

  3. Modify the following area(s) in the file to fit your environment:

    appname = HSQLService
    servicename = HSQLService
    displayname = HSQLService
    params = 7
    param00 = -cp
    param01 = <PathToJar>\hsqldb1_8_0_2.jar
    param02 = org.hsqldb.Server
    param03 = -database.0
    param04 = <PathToDatabase>\tdqportal
    param05 = -dbname.0
    param06 = tdqportal

Configuring the portal IP address

In order to be able to work with Talend Data Quality Portal when installed using Talend Installer, you must edit a file and configure the IP address before you start the Portal.


This configuration is not mandatory, it depends whether the hostname indicated in the file is mapped to a unique IP address or to multiple IP addresses.

To do so, edit the \tdqp\apache-tomcat\conf\server.xml file and modify the value properties of the Environment element: type your IP address where the hostname is indicated (in the below example, the hostname is indicated before the port number, 8580).

Configuring the mail server used to send reports

In order to be able to send by email the data quality reports launched from Talend Data Quality Portal, you need to configure a mail server.

  1. Start Tomcat and log in Talend Data Quality Portal.

  2. Click the button and, in the menu that opens, click Configuration Management to open the configuration page.

  3. Select MAIL from the Select Category list.

    In this way, SpagoBI show you only the parameters that you have to check/modify.