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Within Eclipse:

  1. Create a Maven project, following the same steps as CXF Maven Archetypes, and call it "locator_common" for the purposes of this example.

  2. Remove all default sources, as well as test source folder.

  3. Create a package named "demo.common", and create an interface

    package demo.common;
    import javax.jws.WebService;
    @WebService(targetNamespace = "", 
            name = "Greeter")
    public interface Greeter {
        String greetMe(String requestType);
    } will be the service interface. Now, the project structure will look like the following:

  4. The common application will be deployed as an OSGi bundle. So you will need to edit the pom.xml. (Please refer to Making SOAP calls with soapUI for details.)

    <project xmlns="" 
  5. Now that you have finished the definition of the service, select Run As > Maven Install from the M2Eclipse Popup menu on the pom.xml to install the application into your Maven repository.

    The next step is to implement of this service.