Defining contract variables and operations in Talend MDM - 7.2

How to design a customized form using the workflow UI form designer for an MDM workflow task

Talend Data Fabric
Talend MDM Platform
Talend Studio
Data Governance > Managing workflows


  1. From Talend Studio, open the workflow Product_Product in the BPM perspective.
  2. Click the task Price Request.
  3. From the Execution view, select the Contract tab, and add one input of TEXT type: c_productPrice, which will be used to receive data from the form designer.
  4. Go to the Operations tab, and click Add to add one new operation.
  5. Select mdm_context from the variable list.
  6. Click the operator link to open the Select operator dialog box and select Use a Java method from the Operation type list.
  7. Select setValue and click OK.
  8. Click the Edit button and add the script "Product/Price#" + c_productPrice, so that the product price in Talend MDM will be updated with the new value submitted by the form user and received by the contract variable c_productPrice.