Editing the form to fetch data from Talend MDM - 7.2

How to design a customized form using the workflow UI form designer for an MDM workflow task

Talend Data Fabric
Talend MDM Platform
Talend Studio
Data Governance > Managing workflows


  1. Add a new field Product Name for the form.
    1. Drag and drop a new INPUT widget in the design area to be aligned with the product price INPUT.
    2. Make its width 6.
    3. Select the yes option in the Read-only area.
    4. Name its label to be Product Name.
  2. Click Create a new variable to open a new page and define a new variable in the form designer to fetch data from Talend MDM through the REST API extension.
  3. Enter productName in the Name field.
  4. Select External API from the Type list.
  5. Enter ../API/extension/mdmcontext?xpath=Product%2FName&taskId={{taskId}} in the API URL field to retrieve the original value of the product name from Talend MDM, in which %2F is the escape character for / and taskId is a variable that represents the unique id of the workflow task created when a process is launched.
  6. Click Save to save your changes.
  7. On the right panel, in the Value field of the Product Name INPUT, enter productName.value.
  8. Change the label of the existing C_product Price INPUT to be Enter New Price.
  9. Follow the similar procedure to add a new variable productPrice with the API URL of ../API/extension/mdmcontext?xpath=Product%2FPrice&taskId={{taskId}} and edit the Value field of the product price INPUT to be productPrice.value.