Creating a form - 7.2

How to design a customized form using the workflow UI form designer for an MDM workflow task

Talend Data Fabric
Talend MDM Platform
Talend Studio
Data Governance > Managing workflows


  1. From Talend Studio, go to the Form tab, and select the UI Designer option.
  2. In the Target form field, select Create a new form... to open a new form designer page.

    You can see a default form designer with the defined contract variable.

    On this Form Editor page, you can drag and drop the widgets on the left to the central design area, and then define them specifically on the right panel.

  3. Give the new form a name RequestNewPriceForm.
  4. Add a new title for the form.
    1. Drag a new TITLE widget from the left area and drop it in the central design area.
    2. On the right panel, change its Text to be New Price Request.
    3. Select center from the Alignment list.