Retrieving Salesforce modules and schemas - 6.1

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If you are working on an SVN or Git managed project while the Manual lock option is selected in Talend Administration Center, be sure to lock manually your connection in the Repository tree view before retrieving or updating table schemas for it. Otherwise the connection is read-only and the Finish button of the wizard is not operable.

For information on locking and unlocking a project item and on different lock types, see Working collaboratively on project items.

The next step retrieves Salesforce modules and their schemas based on the connection you set up in the previous procedure.

  1. In the Repository tree view, expand the Metadata node, right-click the connection you set up under the Salesforce node, and select Retrieve Salesforce Modules from the pop-up menu.

  2. In the Select Schema to create area, you can narrow down the selection by filtering schemas displayed. Type in the first letter of the modules you want to retrieve in Name Filter field.

  3. Select the check boxes for the modules of interest and click Finish to retrieve the modules and their schemas.

    The newly created Salesforce connection is displayed under the Salesforce node in the Repository tree view, along with its modules retrieved and their schemas.

After retrieving Salesforce modules and schemas, you can now drag and drop any module from the Repository onto the design workspace, and a dialog box opens, letting you choose to use the centralized module as a tSalesforceInput or tSalesforceOutput component in your Job. You can also drop the module onto an existing component to reuse the metadata. For more information about dropping component metadata in the design workspace, see How to use centralized metadata in a Job.

To modify an existing Salesforce connection, right-click it from the Repository tree view, and select Edit Salesforce Connection to open the file metadata setup wizard.

To add new modules to an existing Salesforce connection, right-click the connection from the Repository tree view and select Retrieve Salesforce Modules from the contextual menu.

To edit an existing Salesforce schema of a module, right-click the schema from the Repository tree view and select Edit Schema from the contextual menu.