Data transfer between Talend MDM and Talend Data Stewardship - 7.0

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Integrated matching processes involve both Talend MDM and Talend Data Stewardship. Once an MDM user validates data records in Talend MDM Web UI, tasks are created in Talend Data Stewardship to list duplicate records which are not merged automatically.
When working with integrated matching, any modification or validation of data done on one side provokes changes on data on the other side as follows:
  • Every time an MDM user starts a validation process on a record in the Staging Area and if the record matches an existing group:
    • The record is added to the group in the Staging Area,
    • The task is reopened in Talend Data Stewardship, if it is already closed, and the new duplicate record is added to the task.
  • Every time an MDM user updates a record field in Talend MDM Web UI, updates are not automatically propagated to Talend Data Stewardship. The changes are propagated only if the match rule is applied and the group turns to "suspect", when a new record is integrated for example.
  • Every time an MDM user redeploys a data model on MDM, updates are automatically propagated to the data model and campaign in Talend Data Stewardship.
  • Every time a data steward updates a field in a master record in a task in Talend Data Stewardship, updates are propagated automatically to the master record in Talend MDM Web UI when an MDM user starts the validation process on data records in the Staging Area.