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Talend Big Data Installation Guide for Linux

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Here are the files you need to download to install your Talend product:

License key

You should have received an email from Talend including your personal license key in a file with no extension.

The license key is mandatory to be able to access each module of Talend. Keep this file at hand in a safe place.

Software packages

This page details the software packages you need to download to install your Talend product.

In this page:

  • YYYYMMDD_HHmm corresponds to the package timestamp

  • A.B.C. corresponds to package version number (Major. Minor. Patch.)

The software modules must be all in the same versions/revisions. This means that both YYYYMMDD_HHmm and A.B.C must match on both client side and server side.

Table 1. Talend Installer software package

Zip file name

Description dist file (for Talend Tools solutions)

Talend Installer: wizard-based application which guides you step by step through the installation and configuration of the Talend Tools modules.

The Talend Installer package includes a folder containing executable files and a dist file.

The dist file is only required to install Talend products. Once the installation and configuration is complete, you can remove it.

Talend Studio Installer: wizard-based application which guides you step by step through the installation of your Talend Studio.

This package comes with an embedded Java Environment to make your installation easier.

Table 2. Manual installation software packages

Zip/jar file name


CommandLine interface to the IDE + Studio IDE (GUI)

Talend Administration Center: Web-based application used to administrate the Talend projects and users + Nexus artifact repository.

JobServer: Standalone execution server

Talend Runtime: OSGi Container including JobServer. Talend Runtime is a standalone equivalent to the Talend ESB OSGi Container (container folder) of Talend ESB.

Talend Activity Monitoring Console Web application used to monitor Talend Jobs and projects.

Drools: Business Rules Management System based on Drools Workbench and Drools Expert.