Editing the configuration files for logs - 7.0

How to disable the display of log events on the Logging page of Talend Administration Center

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DI and MDM log events are defined in different appenders configured in logstash-talend.conf (within the Talend-LogServer) and log4j.xml files. You can comment out some of them in order to prevent these logs from appearing on the Logging page.

Additionally, in ESB, the Event Logging feature provides an optional configuration to use the Talend Log Server as backend for log events collected on the distributed Talend ESB Runtime container. By default, it is disabled but you can change it in the etc/org.talend.eventlogging.server.cfg file.


  1. For DI, MDM and ESB logs (Talend Administration Center only):
    1. Stop the Talend Log Server, and open the following file: <TalendLogServerInstallationDirectory>/logstash-talend.conf
      If the server is installed as a service, you need to stop this service (called tlogserver).
      Tip: For Windows users: To stop the Talend Log Server, open the Services configuration panel and stop the service called tlogserver.
    2. Comment out the appender corresponding to the logs you do not want to display in Talend Administration Center, and save your changes.
  2. For ESB (Event Logging):
    1. Open the following file: etc/org.talend.eventlogging.server.cfg
    2. Set the elasticsearch.available=false property to false (which is the default after installation anyway).
    3. Restart the Event Logging Server Feature in the Talend ESB Runtime container to make this change effective.



      Note that the Talend Log Server and the Logging module in Talend Administration Center are optional and if you do not need the central logging there is no further dependencies to other features within the Talend Platform.