Working with Trees - 6.3

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Trees provide an intuitive way of working and are used extensively in the studio. You can drag and drop nodes (structures and elements) in the tree, or cut/copy/paste nodes to the same tree or other trees, such as copying a collection of elements from one structure editor to another.

You can create a new node simply by right-clicking and selecting the new node type. When creating a new node, the cursor is positioned directly in the space where the new node appears so you can type in the name of the new node. If the name you specify is a duplicate or otherwise invalid (depending on the context), an error dialog will prompt you to enter a new name.

You can filter child elements in a tree by typing into the parent element. This is useful for situations where there are many child elements and you need to see only the elements whose name or description matches certain text. Each character typed is shown in brackets, for example typing empl would show [empl] in the parent element and then only children with the string empl contained in the element name or description would be shown. Use the backspace key to remove a single character, and use the escape key to remove the filter entirely.